5 Ways to Get Comfortable With Your New Braces

5 Ways to Get Comfortable With Your New Braces

Jun 01, 2022

Malocclusion (bad bite), teeth misalignment, spaces between teeth and other orthodontic issues have a knack for causing oral health issues. Because of orthodontic problems, you can easily develop gum disease, tooth decay, TMJ, and more. But thank goodness you have decided to deal with orthodontic issues by getting braces from our dentist in Phoenix, AZ.

Getting your metal braces on for the first time is a big deal. It marks the beginning of your journey to better oral health. The last day of your treatment is about looking back at how far your smile has come. But it’s the in-between that will ask a lot of you.

You would have to deal with discomfort, pain, oral care, change in your diet, etc., which can be challenging if you weren’t mentally prepared. But don’t fret! Our dentist in Phoenix, AZ, has a few tricks to help you stay comfortable with your new braces.

1. Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated comes with many perks; your body temperature will be regulated, body tissue will get enough water to keep your body functioning well, and much more. What’s more, drinking water when wearing your braces is very beneficial. The coolness of the water will reduce gum inflammation from the wires and brackets. It works as a temporary numbing agent, pain-reliever and anti-inflammatory.

Also, staying hydrated is essential to prevent your mouth from becoming extremely dry. You might experience small cuts and bruises on the cheeks and gums if your mouth is too dry. So, when you drink water, you will be preventing your mouth from getting sore.

2. Don’t Eat Crunchy or Hard Foods

When wearing braces, you will need to avoid hard candy, almonds, pecans, and other hard foods. A few days after getting your braces, your whole mouth will be very sore. Our dentist recommends indulging in soft foods that need little to no chewing the first few days after getting braces.

When you eat soft foods such as smoothies, mashed potatoes, and yogurt, it will ease the pain and discomfort you might feel while eating. The pain is more intense the first days after getting braces since your teeth are moving.

Also, when you eat soft foods, it limits mouth and jaw movements, giving them time to get used to wearing braces. Your mouth, teeth, and gums need time to heal and adjust to the new norm to experience less discomfort and pain.

3. Rinse Your Mouth With Warm Salt Water

Salt and warm water can ease your pain and discomfort. You can take half a teaspoon of salt and place it in a cup with warm water. The salty warm water is an amazing combination that can reduce inflammation. When the inflammation reduces, you can feel comfortable while you’re getting used to your braces.

4. Try Indulging In Cold Foods

You can try and take advantage of the coolness of certain foods, such as ice cream, frozen yogurt, or popsicles, to help reduce gum swelling as your gums are getting used to the new braces. After getting the braces to ease pain and discomfort, you can incorporate these foods into your diet for a few days.

5. Utilize the Items in Your Orthodontic Kit

Our dentist will hand you a small orthodontic kit that has helpful stuff and tools when you receive your braces. You will have to learn how to utilize those tools and items to reduce the discomfort or pain that you may experience.

The kit will help you throughout your treatment, so use the tool and items in the kit to the fullest.

Some things that you will find in the kit are:

  • Orthodontic wax. You can use this wax to add a layer of padding to the sharp edges of your brackets and wires. You can use this wax throughout the treatment and not just during the first few days. At times, the wax can be used to pad a broken bracket or any other sharp part.
  • Dental floss. Food usually gets stuck in between the braces, so you might need to floss every so often.
  • Lip balm or gloss. Your lips might get cracks or scratches from your braces, so lip gloss or balms will protect your lips.

Do you have any additional questions? Reach out to our dentist at uSmile Orthodontics, and you will get all the help you need.

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