Advantages Of Metal Braces

Advantages Of Metal Braces

Jul 02, 2021

Metal braces are used to help people straighten their teeth over time. The brace applies pressure on the affected tooth and gradually shifts it into the right position.

Metal braces are the most common type of braces that we know, and they are often the first thing that comes to mind when you hear of braces. Having been in existence for ages, these braces have stayed relevant in the orthodontics world despite the numerous modifications that have emerged. There is not orthodontics treatment that solves all dental problems so there are cases where people have to fall back on these braces instead of using modern treatments.

Also referred to as traditional braces, these braces are glued to the teeth, and archwires are used to push the teeth to their right position. After successfully correcting the position of the teeth, the braces are replaced with retainers to help the teeth stay in place. Archaic as some people like to think that they are, traditional braces have some advantages over other types of braces, some of these advantages include;

  1. They are effective:  Traditional braces are employed for a variety of dental problems. The braces are designed to ensure that each tooth is adjusted to its correct position. Dentists do not use traditional braces for misalignment alone, they are also used for overcrowding, protruding teeth, gapped teeth, and so on. A process is only important if it helps you achieve your desired result and if you are concerned about results, traditional braces are a great option.
  2. They work fast: In addition to the fact that they are effective, traditional braces help you to achieve a result in a shorter time. Patients who use traditional braces use them for about two to three years and the result lasts for a lifetime.
  3. They are cost-effective: Traditional metal braces cost less than other alternatives. If you have dental insurance, your insurance can cover the price of your braces. Some dental clinics can even begin traditional metal braces procedures before collecting payment. These dental centers offer a credit card that you can use to pay as the procedure goes on.
  4. They last long: Durability is another sterling quality of traditional braces. Usually made from steel and titanium, they last for as long as they are being used and can withstand the rigors of brushing and eating. They also protect your teeth during your protect your teeth while you go about your daily activities or get involved in contact sports. If you can do well to stay away from meals that your dentist asks you to avoid, it is rare to have any problem with your traditional braces.
  5. They are constantly working: Traditional braces are always in the mouth throughout the treatment which makes it more efficient. Clear aligners, an alternative to traditional braces, can be removed but you have to make sure that they are worn for at least 24 hours daily else they lose their effectiveness. Instead of worrying about how long you have worn your braces, traditional braces remain in your mouth and the treatment is never interrupted.
  6. They are comfortable: Modifications have been made to the size of traditional braces and these smaller sizes are more comfortable in the mouth and are also less visible.
  7. They ensure oral health: Other than helping you straighten your teeth, traditional braces can help to protect you from different dental problems like gum diseases, tooth decay, etc. Traditional braces help you straighten your teeth which saves you from the headaches and pains that come with misaligned teeth.
  8. They give you a better smile: A great smile is nature’s way of making us look very beautiful. It is very important to wear a smile always and people with misaligned or protruding teeth usually find it difficult to put on a smile because they are shy. Traditional braces help to solve this issue and give them a great smile.

Your dentist will access have to access your teeth before deciding what treatment is best for you but if the dentist recommends traditional braces, you do not have to be sad that you are going “the old way”. Straightened teeth will give you a great smile and also help to boost your confidence.

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