uSmile Orthodontics – Wearing your Aftercare Retainers

uSmile Orthodontics – Wearing your Aftercare Retainers

May 16, 2019

Why do I need to wear an Aftercare Retainer?

Aftercare Retainers are quite essential because it can help hold the teeth. They resemble aligners in appearance but may differ in function. Aligners are used to move the teeth but these are used to keep teeth in its original place without moving it. It is especially suggested to a dental patient so as to maintain teeth in its original positions. This is suggested option used after dental treatment so that teeth obtain right positions without any drift. Without this, teeth will start to revert and move to their original positions back again.

How often should I wear the retainer?

It is essential to wear a retainer after the dental treatment for at least 4 months after the dental treatment. A patient must not remove it until the teeth have attained the right position. If it is removed at early stages, the results of the procedure may vary. For accurate results and for a better smile, this is an essential aftercare dental tool suggested by a dentist to a patient.

It is important to wear it for few months without any negligence for better results. When a patient wishes to remove it, it is compulsory to consult a respective dentist. After you remove it, you can use it back if you feel that your teeth are moving back again. Every person has different teeth and thus there is set period of using this which may vary from patient to patient.

How Many Times Should I Replace the Retainer?

This may also depend upon the individual teeth condition and dentist may suggest first set of retainer for first few months. It is important that patient wear it continuously for first few months. Further replacement depends upon the results obtained. If required, a dentist may further suggest patient to go for new set of retainers for better results.

In case, you wish to know the purpose of retainers and why it is essential for you, consulting an expert dentist can help. He may suggest perfect options for better results.

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