Braces or Clear Aligners for Teeth Straightening: What’s Your Option?

Braces or Clear Aligners for Teeth Straightening: What’s Your Option?

Feb 01, 2021

When confronting orthodontic issues, your dentist refers you to the orthodontist near Phoenix to correct your dental imperfections. You may fear visiting the orthodontist thinking the professional will compel you to wear a mouthful of metal to straighten your teeth. However, it helps understand the Phoenix orthodontist is not a heartless professional and is fully aware of the latest dentistry innovations.

Besides offering you traditional braces, orthodontist Phoenix as well discusses clear aligners and ClearCorrect braces treatment. Clear aligners have proven themselves a credible alternative to metal and wire braces provided by orthodontists for many years. They are currently the preferred treatment option for nearly 20 percent of American adults undergoing teeth straightening treatments from orthodontists or dentists.

How Do Clear Aligners Function When Straightening Teeth?

Clear aligners like Invisalign and ClearCorrect are systems for straightening teeth and an alternative to traditional braces. The orthodontist in Phoenix, AZ, is certified to offer ClearCorrect or Invisalign aligners to their patients. These removable aligners straighten teeth by moving them gradually into their correct positions.

Clear aligners offer the flexibility to eat the foods you love and maintain your oral hygiene appropriately after removing the orthodontic appliances from your teeth. Clear aligners are virtually invisible and are unnoticeable to most, allowing you to straighten your teeth discreetly. The aligners are created, keeping aesthetics in mind, and will not impact your everyday routine.

If you think clear dental-grade plastic aligners cannot move your teeth like metal and wire braces, you will do better to begin thinking again. Clear aligners have proven themselves for over two decades after their introduction in the 90s. Earlier, they were merely suitable for adults as compliance to wearing them for 20 to 22 hours every day is an essential requirement. However, recently, clear aligners are also available for teenagers to correct problems with their teeth.

Can Clear Aligners Correct All Issues with the Teeth?

Invisalign and ClearCorrect are suitable for treating the following orthodontic conditions. They are gapped teeth, overcrowded teeth, underbites, overbites, crooked or rotated teeth, and any other mild to moderate orthodontic issues with the teeth. Senior citizens with complicated dental cases may also be candidates for clear aligners. However, they should consult their dentist to determine whether the treatment option suits their specific needs.

Despite being the preferred option, clear aligners are not suitable for some instances of misalignment or complex bite problems. In such cases, patients must seek Phoenix orthodontist’s advice on the best method to treat their condition.

People, especially adults, may not prefer traditional metal and wire braces. Still, these orthodontic appliances have also proven themselves as useful for straightening teeth and misalignments with the jaw and are recommended for treating complicated cases.

Which Method Should You Prefer for Straightening Teeth?

Before deciding on any method, it would be helpful if you had your mouth and teeth evaluated by the Phoenix orthodontist. This dental professional is the best to determine whether the imperfections with your teeth are better corrected with traditional braces or whether you can use clear aligners for the corrections. The professional scan your teeth and mouth to determine the complexity of your situation before recommending any treatment as suitable for you.

When you visit an orthodontist for straightening teeth, you must keep an open mind understanding that the professional is experienced and trained to provide treatments for such issues. You cannot go in with a predetermined mindset thinking you will only have clear aligners and none other for straightening your teeth. Clear aligners are undoubtedly working effectively and have helped many people achieve beautiful smiles with them. However, they are in no way better than traditional braces, which continue to hold on to the top position as the best methods for teeth straightening.

Your visit to the orthodontist must help you achieve your goal of having straighter teeth and a beautiful smile. The appliance recommended for the correction shouldn’t matter unless you are in the show business and want to have a pleasing appearance even when undergoing orthodontic treatments to straighten your teeth. Choosing the right method, as suggested by the orthodontist, will help in achieving your goal and having beautiful teeth with a better smile. Adopt an attitude different from the one proposed, and you may have to live with your orthodontic problems throughout your lifetime.

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