Can You Get Braces the Same Day You Go in?

Can You Get Braces the Same Day You Go in?

Apr 05, 2022

Have you been avoiding orthodontic treatment and enduring your crooked and misaligned teeth because you don’t have the time to spend on multiple visits to an orthodontist? Would you accept our suggestion to consider orthodontic treatments differently by telling you advances in orthodontics now make it possible for you to receive same-day braces the day of your appointment with the professional? Did we surprise you? Let us explain that we aren’t trying to pull your leg by giving proper explanations.

How Many Appointments and You Get Your Braces?

If you consider getting traditional braces, you start a lengthy procedure requiring you to visit your orthodontist several times during the subsequent few weeks, scheduling appointments with the professional. During your initial consultation, the orthodontist evaluates your teeth, making recommendations for the treatment. You are also allowed time to ask for concerns in your mind.

After your orthodontist’s appointment, you must schedule an appointment with your dentist to receive a professional cleaning and exam. Cleanings and exams are essential before getting braces over your teeth. If you have tooth decay or disease, the dentist recommends addressing the concerns before moving forward with your orthodontic treatment.

You can return for your braces application only after receiving a clean bill of health from your dentist. Please do not assume your appointment is finished because the application of the braces requires several hours with your orthodontist bonding brackets to your teeth and arranging the archwires. In addition, the description provided can make you wonder whether you have chosen the suitable treatment for straightening your teeth.

Same-Day Braces Explained

State-of-the-art technology helps speed up the process of traditional braces significantly when you opt for same-day braces. With this cutting-edge technology, you don’t have to schedule multiple appointments with your orthodontist but can have your braces over your teeth immediately after your consultation and teeth cleaning. In addition, same-day braces are placed over your teeth during your first appointment allowing you to return to more pressing matters that you had been avoiding thinking about your orthodontist’s appointment.

Are Same-Day Braces All the Same

No two orthodontic treatments are similar, and every patient is different. Therefore, you might think the same-day process is quick but doubt its thoroughness. Unfortunately, we must advise that you are incorrect in your assumption because the orthodontists treating you assess your bite and smile when you contact them, asking you questions about your smile goals.

After the orthodontist gathers the necessary information, they develop a custom orthodontic plan explicitly for you by aligning your specific requirements with it.

Same-Day Braces Sound Too Good to Be True, What’s the Catch?

If you find it challenging to believe you can get braces near me in one appointment with an orthodontist on the same day of your visit, let us reassure you that there are no catches behind the suggestion.

Advances in dentistry continue to amaze people providing new techniques and therapies to improve the appearance of your teeth and smile. The advances have also filtered down to orthodontics to enable orthodontists to create a customized plan explicitly for you before applying your orthodontic appliances in merely a few hours after you visit their office.

Please do not assume the orthodontist will rush you out of the office, leaving you with plenty of questions in your mind. Instead, the professionals set time aside to ask for any clarifications you need about the treatment and how to proceed after getting same-day braces. Orthodontists at the facility believe the better you are informed about the same-day braces treatment, the better you can manage it to have straighter teeth and the beautiful smile you desire.

If you, like many others, have been putting off orthodontic treatment to straighten your teeth because of a busy schedule or understandable concern of visiting orthodontists several times for a single purpose, the option of having same-day braces over your teeth is currently available in your vicinity.

You don’t have to search far and wide for same-day braces because you can contact uSmile Orthodontics to receive same-day braces dropping by their office even on a weekend when they are available throughout the day. You can begin your journey for straightening your teeth on a convenient weekend and continue it until you start loving your smile.

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