Do Aligners Straighten Teeth Permanently?

Do Aligners Straighten Teeth Permanently?

Apr 25, 2022

Disgusted with your crooked and misaligned teeth, you might decide to straighten teeth permanently to get rid of the associated problems with them. You might have no challenges finding orthodontic appliances helpful for straightening your teeth.

After consultation with the orthodontist near me recommending metal and wire braces, you might decide against them because of their ungainly appearance. Instead, you decide upon clear aligners offering you a discreet method of straightening your teeth without a mouthful of metal brackets and wires.

When you qualify for therapy with the transparent braces made from clear plastic, you could start thinking you can eventually put your dental problems behind you after you complete the treatment in approximately 18 months. However, are you aware that your teeth will not remain in the new positions unless the orthodontist you consult recommends wearing a retainer to keep them in straighter condition? If you aren’t, we suggest you continue reading this article for more information on this subject.

What Is Clear Aligner Teeth Straightening?

Clear aligner teeth straightening is similar to straightening your teeth with orthodontic appliances such as braces. However, the clear aligner is not mounted on your teeth and held by wires and bands but fits snugly over your teeth to move them in their correct positions gradually over time.

Teeth straightening using a clear aligner is more comfortable than metal and wire braces because the transparent orthodontic appliances are made from dental-grade BPA-free plastic and are virtually visible. In addition, the transparent devices permit you to move around with your friends and the public without embarrassing yourself by showing off your orthodontic treatment.

The transparent braces are removable and must be removed when eating or drinking anything but water and maintaining excellent dental hygiene. It is a feature unavailable with traditional orthodontic treatments. However, the braces must remain on your teeth for at least 20 to 22 hours every day for efficient results. The teeth straightening with translucent braces is revolutionary and was introduced in the late 90s as an alternative to traditional orthodontic treatments. The transparent aligner system corrects most orthodontic problems affecting you except for complicated issues. Therefore if you have qualified for the therapy, consider the issues in your mouth minor, resting assured you will have straighter teeth and a beautiful smile shortly.

How Long to Clear Aligners Take?

If orthodontic treatments with metal and wire braces require three years or more to straighten teeth, the transparent aligner system can accomplish the goal in half the time requiring merely 12 to 18 months. However, you must comply with the requirement of the treatment by keeping the braces over your teeth for the designated hours and removing them only for eating or maintaining dental hygiene. Compromising with the stipulations of the Phoenix orthodontist will delay your treatment and require additional braces to extend the price of the therapy.

After completing your treatment, you might heave a sigh of relief, thinking the orthodontist will eventually remove the appliances from your mouth to allow you to display your new smile. However, you will likely be disappointed because the orthodontist recommends wearing retainers to keep your teeth in their new positions. Therefore if you want your results to last permanently, you must adhere to the orthodontist’s instructions.

Why Are Retainers Essential?

Whether you undergo orthodontic treatment with traditional braces or the revolutionary aligner system to straighten your teeth, you must have a retainer fitted to keep your teeth permanently in their new positions. After orthodontic treatments, the bone and surrounding teeth tissue require time to adjust to their new positions. The adjustment time is crucial and is best used intelligently to maximize the effects of having worn braces for straightening your teeth and having a beautiful smile.

Fixed retainers are the best having a small wire on the reverse of the teeth and held in place with a discreet filling material. Retainers help your gums to adjust gradually to the new bone structure, keeping them perfectly aligned at the same time. The retainers are invisible and comfortable and remain in position indefinitely, protecting your teeth from shifting back.

You might have to wear the retainer throughout the day for a year after getting your teeth straightened. After that, the orthodontist nearby might recommend you wear the retainer every day at night when sleeping.

After investing considerably in orthodontic treatment to have straighter teeth and a beautiful smile, would you want to have crooked teeth all over again by overlooking the need for retainers? We are confident you wouldn’t and would adhere to the advice of USmile Orthodontics, who strongly recommend wearing retainers of the competing orthodontic treatment.

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