Do I Need Braces to Close a Gap Between My Teeth?

Do I Need Braces to Close a Gap Between My Teeth?

Nov 16, 2018

If you have a gap between your front teeth, don’t worry. It’s actually fairly common. It’s sometimes called a diastema and can be something that’s so minor that you only notice when you’re brushing and flossing your teeth, or it can be something that’s much larger and noticeable.

If you do have a tooth gap, it’s something that can be fixed by orthodontists in Phoenix.

Are the Gaps Unhealthy?

There is more to having a gap in your teeth than what’s just aesthetic. Larger gaps can cause certain problems like having poor teeth alignment, having bite problems, and sometimes can even cause you pain.

Why do I have a tooth gap?

You might have a gap for several reasons. First, you could have missing teeth or undersized teeth. If you are missing teeth or have small ones next to your two front teeth, they can grow with a space between them. You might also have an oversized labial frenum. This is a piece of tissue that usually will extend from inside your upper lip to the gumline above your two upper front teeth, which will block the closing of the space between the teeth.

What are my treatment options?

Treatments will vary per person based on the circumstances of your gap.

Gaps between the front teeth in children are considered normal and healthy, especially in children that have gaps between their baby teeth. Children are still getting their smile and having a gap between the teeth will actually create room for larger adult teeth and help with overcrowding as they get older and their more mature set of teeth start growing in.

Not ever gap is cause for alarm. Sometimes it’s purely a cosmetic issue that makes you feel self-conscious. However, sometimes gaps that are too large or are bordered by unhealthy teeth might cause some severe issues for adults.

Orthodontists open today can help with determining if the gap in your teeth requires orthodontal care. This can include anything from braces to retainers to oral surgery to teeth bonding. You can also get your teeth whitened in Phoenix, AZ.

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