Do I Need to Clean My Aligners every day?

Do I Need to Clean My Aligners every day?

Jun 20, 2022

You may love that braces Phoenix provide you with removable aligners to straighten your teeth because they allow you to eat the food you love or take breaks for occasions like interviews or a picture. The plastic aligners also permit you to keep your teeth clean besides the alignment trays.

Information that the plastic aligners are disposable and must be swapped for a new set every two weeks can make you think cleaning the trays is not essential. Unfortunately, brushing your teeth without cleaning the aligners is similar to putting on dirty clothes after a shower. Dirty aligners are breeding grounds for bacteria and can cause bad breath to increase the chances of cavities.

Realizing how to clean the plastic aligners correctly adds to your dental hygiene routine to ensure you maintain good oral health.

Why Cleaning the Aligners Matter?

If you have traditional braces from the Phoenix orthodontist, you receive advice against cheating certain foods like caramel and candy because they can get trapped in the nonremovable brackets and wires. However, when you receive Invisalign near me from the same professional, you are not restricted from having any foods because of the removable feature of Invisalign.

You can still confront problems when straightening your teeth with Invisalign if you neglect cleaning the aligners correctly because of the foods you have. The issues you can encounter include the following:

  • Bad Breath: Food and odors from the teeth receive help from saliva to rinse them away. Unfortunately, Invisalign aligners create a barrier to prevent saliva from doing its job. When food particles are not cleaned from the aligners, it eventually results in bad breath.
  • Discoloration: the clear aligners are removable and must be removed for eating and drinking. If you leave the aligners over your teeth when having pigmented foods and beverages, they will likely develop discoloration. As a result, the aligners will have a yellowish appearance instead of clear, defeating the purpose of having a discreet alternative for teeth straightening.
  • Bacterial Buildup: Failure to clean your teeth and the aligners results in bacteria and germs developing in your mouth.
  • Cavities: plaque creates a cavity-causing substance to allow bacteria in the mouth to penetrate your teeth. While Invisalign itself does not cause cavities wearing the trays for extended periods traps plaque against the teeth. The entrapment is an opportunity for bacteria to penetrate your tooth to create holes.
  • Gum Irritation: Dirty aligners worn over the teeth irritate gum tissue allowing gingivitis or gum disease to develop.

How Often Should I Clean My Aligners?

The optimal solution to the problems described is to maintain excellent dental hygiene, including cleaning the clear aligners frequently. A routine of brushing, rinsing, and soaking the aligners keeps them fresh, clean, and germ-free. It is best to add caring for the aligners to your regular brushing and flossing schedule. The process doesn’t require much time but delivers optimal results when it becomes a habit.

To maintain a clean mouth when receiving Invisalign treatment, you must:

  • You must remove the aligners of all food and beverages to prevent staining.
  • You must rinse Invisalign aligners with water every time you remove them.
  • Brush Invisalign aligners twice a day when brushing teeth.
  • Use a tiny amount of hand soap or clear liquid dishwasher to clean the aligners and rinse well.
  • Use a cleanser authenticated for aligners to soak the trays.
  • Store this aligner in a protective case when they are not in your mouth to help them remain clean and prevent damage.

How Do You Clean Clear Plastic Aligners?

Invisalign, the manufacturer of clear aligners, has its products for cleaning and sterilizing transparent aligners. The products are available as foams and sprays for regular use. You can also purchase liquids like Steraligner and Invisalign cleaning crystals for soaking the aligners. The products use sodium bicarbonate and sodium sulfate for deep cleaning and disinfecting.

You can also find similar brands over-the-counter and online, including unique brushing gel and mouthwash. However, you must ensure the products are safe and will not harm the clear aligners. Generally, any products specifically made for use on aligners or retainers are safe for clear aligner trays.

Please discuss with the Phoenix orthodontist for recommendations about cleaning your plastic aligners safely without damaging them. The professional can advise how often the cleaning is essential and what works best for Invisalign.

If you are in the process of straightening your teeth by getting Invisalign clear aligners from uSmile Orthodontics, rest assured you will receive all the advice you want to maintain your dental health and the aligners in optimal condition.

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