Guidelines on Drinking or Smoking With Your Clear Aligners In

Guidelines on Drinking or Smoking With Your Clear Aligners In

Jan 01, 2022

Clear aligners are transparent custom-made dental trays. They correct teeth misalignment giving you that straight smile you desire. Treatments using clear aligners in Phoenix involve using several trays of aligners. Each tray is worn for about 20-22 hours daily then switched for the next tray in the series after one or two weeks.

After starting treatment with clear aligners near you, there are some things that you should avoid for fast and effective treatment. These clear braces are removable. The patient must remove them when eating, cleaning, smoking, or taking some beverages. Here is what you should know about preserving your almost invisible aligners.

Can I Drink with My Aligners in?

Yes, you can drink with your aligners in but only cool or room temperature water. Any drink other than water may stain the aligners, warp them or increase the risk of teeth decay and gum disease. Water washes away the acid and bacteria and keeps aligners and teeth from staining.

If you cannot remove your aligners, avoid drinking the following beverages:

  • Warm or hot water. The plastic material of the aligner may be damaged by the hot liquid losing its effectiveness. The dentist will need to design a new set of aligner trays for you.
  • Carbonated drinks. The drinks can stain your aligners, increase enamel erosion due to the high acidity levels and cause decay.
  • Tea or coffee. Take aligners out to prevent warping and staining. If you must take these drinks with your aligners in, drink them at room temperature. Then wash or rinse your aligners afterward.
  • Wine and beer. Most wines and beers contain colors that can stain the aligners. They also contain sugars that promote teeth decay.
  • Soda or juice. These two drinks contain sugars and acids. When they get stuck in the spaces between your teeth, sugar will allow bacteria to thrive. So, the acid will erode your tooth enamel, leading to decayed or weakened teeth.

Can You Eat with Your Aligners in?

No, you cannot eat with your aligner in. not removing them when eating damages not only your aligners but also your oral health. Clear aligners cannot withstand the forces of chewing food. They may crack or break as they are made of plastic material. Your aligners may also stain if you eat pigmented foods while it is in the mouth.

Eating with your aligners is also not recommended as it affects your oral health. Food particles may get stuck in the removable devices allowing bacteria to flourish. It may result in gum disease and tooth decay. After eating, clean your mouth well to remove bacteria and food debris before putting your aligners in place.

If you eat slowly or love to snack, then you must change your habits. The reason is that the patient must wear clear aligners for at least 20 hours daily. Removing them for longer than four hours each day means you will not follow this rule. As a result, the treatment may take longer to complete or be less effective.

Can You Smoke or Vape with Aligners?

Yes, you can smoke or vape if you take out your aligners. However, after being fitted with clear aligners near you, avoid smoking or vaping as much as you can. First, the time you take to smoke will reduce the amount of time your aligners stay in the mouth. Second, your treatment time increases. Treatment may also not be as effective since the aligners are not worn as recommended.

The nicotine and tar from the tobacco stain your aligner if it is not removed. Your teeth will also become stained. If you do not brush after smoking or vaping, the tar and nicotine will discolor your aligners. Once the substances from the tobacco get stuck in your aligner, it leads to tooth decay. Clear aligners in Phoenix are a great incentive to quit smoking.

What Should You Do?

Follow the instructions your dentist gives you during the clear aligner procedure. Ensure that you take out your clear aligners before eating, drinking, or smoking. This protects them and increases their efficacy. Brush or rinse your mouth after these activities. It prevents bacteria and acids from corroding the enamel and causing teeth decay or periodontal disease.

Contact us at uSmile Orthodontics for your clear aligners procedure. Our team will work with you so that you enjoy the benefits of clear aligners while improving your smile.

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