Set Your Smile Straight with Invisalign

Set Your Smile Straight with Invisalign

Jan 01, 2019

In the day and age of selfies and camera phones, we like to click pictures on a good hair and makeup day and post on social media platforms. It is good to indulge in some self appreciation but for some people it is other way round. They shy away from being clicked because of dental issues. It impacts their self confidence and causes them embarrassment. During social gathering, they avoid clicking pictures and ask others not to click them.

Dental issues steal their confidence and cause them embarrassment. However, with advancement in science, you no more have to live with the natural state of your teeth and you can resurrect them with help of simple procedures and dental aids.

According to Orthodontist phoenix 85044, these dental issues can be resolved with the help of Invisalign without further embarrassment which is caused by braces as it has been observed that adults find it uncomfortable to wear braces; they believe it is for kids.

What Is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a dental procedure for correcting your misaligned teeth with the help of clear aligners. They perform the same function as braces. They help in straightening the orthodontic imperfections which consists of gap between the teeth, over-crowded mouths and crooked smile. Customized Invisalign are made which can fit your mouth like a retainer but will relatively less discomfort.

How Long Will the Invisalign Take to Work?

According to Dentist near me, the treatment usually takes a year but it doesn’t apply as a general rule. Needs of some patients may be different and it may take more or less time for them to see the results.

It is recommended by dentists that the clear aligners must be worn for at least 22 hours a day and should be taken out only during drinking or eating. It has been observed that Invisalign can also help in whitening your natural teeth. During the course of procedure, when you brush your teeth extra, the toothpaste may build-up in the moulds. This will keep you natural teeth white and promote a healthy pearly white smile.

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