Care for Your Braces Appropriately By Avoiding These Five Foods

Care for Your Braces Appropriately By Avoiding These Five Foods

Nov 01, 2019

If you have decided to finally change the way you look by improving your crooked or misshapen teeth you would have invested in traditional braces or Invisalign after a discussion with the dentist offering braces near you. You would have invested a substantial sum of money for the braces believing that the placement is sufficient to improve your teeth. However, you need to make even more sacrifices if you want your investment to provide you effective results.

Depending upon the type of braces you have chosen the dentist would have advised you precautions to safeguard them. He or she would also have provided advice about how you should be maintaining proper oral hygiene to ensure you do not develop additional problems even as you attempt to straighten your teeth. Advise about certain types of foods to avoid would also have been provided to you. In this article, we are providing some information about the type of foods you should stay away from if you want to care for your braces appropriately.

Foods To Avoid When Wearing Braces

When you decide to have braces in your mouth you must also be prepared for some minor adjustments with your diet. This does not mean you have to forgo your favorite foods but must understand that some can damage your braces and therefore make an attempt to avoid them as best possible.

The foods to avoid when wearing braces are the following:

  • Hard and crunchy foods. Any foods that require you to bite into it like apples, corn on the cob, nacho chips and the likes are better avoided.
  • Sticky foods. Caramel and candy can pull at the brackets of your braces and usually have a nasty habit of getting trapped in the braces to damage your teeth.
  • Chewy foods. Bagels and pizza crust may appear harmless but can surprisingly damage your business despite seeming soft.
  • A well-done steak. A well-done steak may appear irresistible but is better avoided because it can damage the braces along with being difficult for cleaning from in and around the brackets and wires.
  • Whole hard vegetables. Vegetables that are difficult to bite in should also be avoided especially the variety that is notorious for damaging braces.

What Can You Have If You Should Avoid The Foods Mentioned above

If you have invested a sum of money to improve the appearance of your teeth you may as well make some sacrifices that will safeguard your braces. The braces by themselves will not transform your smile unless you are prepared to make an effort to help them with some smart food choices. Any damages to your braces will undoubtedly slow down the process of transforming your smile making you a regular visitor to your dentist’s office. Therefore we suggest the following foods which can replace the ones you are advised to avoid.

Breakfast cereals that are sugary and crunchy can damage your braces. However, if you desire a sweet meal in the morning you can try adding some honey and maple syrup into oatmeal.

If advised to avoid sticky foods like caramels and candy why not treat yourself to some ice cream or frozen yogurt which is a great replacement that may also help with any discomfort if your braces have been adjusted recently.

You do not have to crave pizza crust which can create stains on your braces. If you want to satisfy your craving for something warm and cheesy you can make a grilled cheese sandwich with soft bread. Just ensure you don’t overcook the sandwich as toasted bread can also be a problem for your braces.

As you have been advised to avoid hard to chew meats you can substitute these foods with softer meats like fish and chicken. You must, however, make sure to remove the bone from the chicken before you begin to eat.

The sacrifices you make will make it possible for the braces to work faster for transforming your smile which is the reason why you have these appliances in your mouth. We are certain you value your smile highly and don’t mind sacrificing some foods which you can always have after the braces have finally come off. It is a small step you will need to take for giving yourselves a large smile that will be appreciated by everyone.