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An alternative to traditional braces is ceramic braces in Phoenix. Like traditional braces, ceramic braces consist of small brackets that are cemented to the teeth and connected by a wire, which is tightened by a dentist periodically to realign the teeth. While traditional braces use metal brackets, however, ceramic braces have brackets made of ceramic or porcelain, or even plastic, and can be clear or colored to be the same color as the teeth. This allows them to blend in more easily. These days, even the wire can be clear as well, making the braces even less noticeable.

While ceramic or porcelain braces in Phoenix can be a more attractive option, they do have their disadvantages. They are more expensive than traditional metal braces and are not as durable – they are not recommended for individuals who participate in sports or who are otherwise active, as the material can chip or crack more easily than metal braces. They also do not tolerate as much pressure, so more severe correction cases will require metal braces. Additionally, some wearers claim that the material irritates their mouth, though this discomfort is rare.

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