The Importance of Orthodontics

The Importance of Orthodontics

Sep 26, 2018

Some people are born with a set of naturally-straight teeth. Others will have some type of malocclusion, or imperfect positioning of the teeth when the mouth is closed. Though it’s possible to function with issues like an overbite or gapped teeth, there are many benefits to getting orthodontic treatment. Besides the obvious benefit of looking more attractive, having straight teeth affects you in other ways as well.

Straight teeth function better.

Teeth that fit together the way they are supposed to interfere with each other less, making it easier to chew and speak. Additionally, straight teeth are easier to clean, so it’s easier to maintain their health as there is less chance that food and other debris will get caught in hard-to-reach areas.

Teeth that are straight are less likely to develop dental issues in the future.

Teeth that are misaligned are at risk for issues such as premature wear, receding gums, loss of attachment, and loss of alveolar bone support, any of which may require expensive treatments to remedy. Straightening the teeth reduces the chances of these issues occurring. As previously mentioned, misaligned teeth are also more difficult to clean. Plaque left behind on the teeth surfaces can cause cavities to form.

Straight teeth aid in the aging process.

Just as the rest of the body ages, so do our teeth. All teeth wear down with use over time. However, this change is more dramatic with teeth that are misaligned as they interfere with each other more. Addressing the issue of teeth alignment can help you retain more teeth as you age, which, in turn, can help you retain your facial structure (the face loses vertical dimension as a result of tooth loss).

Some might consider teeth straightening a vain concern, but it has functional benefits as well. If you have been thinking about undergoing orthodontic treatment, talk with your dentist about your options.