What Propel Orthodontics can do to Enhance Your Invisalign Treatment?

What Propel Orthodontics can do to Enhance Your Invisalign Treatment?

Sep 01, 2019

Orthodontic treatments take a longer duration for completion and we all are aware of the same. Every one wishes deep inside if they could get rid of the braces soon and achieve that enviable smile as early as possible. However, it is not a dream anymore and you can accelerate the Invisalign treatment time with the help of a revolutionary tool that can help in achieving results faster and in a more efficient way. If you are thinking that it is too good to be true, it is time for you to believe that Propel can very much do it. It has revolutionized the orthodontic treatment.

What Is Propel Orthodontics?

The propel orthodontics is a name given to several products that are designed to help the teeth in shifting to their correct positions faster than the standard treatment duration for traditional braces. The propel tools are paired with the Invisalign system for reducing treatment time into half as compared to the traditional orthodontic treatment.

The propel technology helps in stimulating and accelerating the production of bone in the jaw and help the teeth in shifting. They also help the tissue in healing faster. When you pair the Invisalign with propelling, even complex cases can achieve great results.

What Are the Benefits of Propel products?

The technology is meant for enhancing the orthodontic treatment so that patients can achieve a great smile in lesser duration of time. However, apart from this obvious benefit, there are some other benefits as well. Here’s a look at them.

  • They are waterproof
  • They offer wireless charging
  • It helps patients in getting back on track if aligners are not worn properly
  • They are easy to wear and takes only a few minutes to wear
  • They are easy to operate
  • They offer a better fit than aligners. 

How to Know If Propel Is Right for You?

If you are not sure about the propel products, you can discuss it with a dentist near you. However, you must know that not all dentists are well versed with propel and the tools used by the technology. Thus, you first need to carry out a bit of research for finding the right professional who can offer the required information and consultation on Propel technology. Also, you must know that propel alone can’t fix any of your orthodontic issues and it is only a way of accelerating your treatment speed. It is an addition to your already existing treatment plan for achieving the desired results.

More About Propel

It is a portable device that you need to use only for 20 minutes each day. You can use it at any time of the day while surfing the internet, watching TV, reading a book or anything else. It is painless as there is no need for an incision or a recovery period. You can consider it as a daily massage for your teeth. Research shows that if the orthodontic treatment took 2 years for completion, with propel you can reduce the duration to just 15 months.

How Does Propel Work?

Many factors influence your orthodontic treatment but the biggest factor is the rate of bone remodeling. Soft and hard tissues support your teeth. When the orthodontic appliances exert steady but gentle pressure, the teeth begin to get a little loose and the bone breaks down. It is reabsorbed and then rebuilt which is known as remodeling.

The propel makes tiny perforations in the size of the pinhole in the bones around the teeth. It leads to an inflammatory response which stimulates the release of the cells involved in the breakdown of the bones. This leads to bone remodeling and accelerates the tooth movement. It may sound terrifying but it is gentle and the discomfort during the procedure is minimal.

Still, if you are scared of the procedure, the dentist can numb the area first so that you don’t feel anything. One usually needs one or two propel sessions but in case of complex tooth movements, one might need more sessions. The treatment and the device are safe. There is no need for recovery time and you can immediately resume your routine.