What You Should Know Before Getting Dental Braces

What You Should Know Before Getting Dental Braces

Mar 01, 2020

Getting your first braces can prove to be a scary journey. With the right advice and information, however, everything gets easier. No matter your age or the condition of your mouth, crooked teeth will cause you problems.

The misalignment can also affect your self-esteem. This is the reason dentists are specifically keen on adult teeth development in kids. Immediately permanent teeth start emerging, their formation and growth are tracked to ensure good dental health.

Wearing braces is a challenge for many teenagers. While these modern braces aren’t as conspicuous as older ones, people can still see them; thus, they make most teenagers become more self-conscious. All this can be avoided by keenly observing the dental health of your child.

Here are some of the crucial things about braces you need to be aware of as you prepare for that time:

Age doesn’t matter

During the teenage years is when crooked teeth start being visible. Because of this, teenagers are statistically the most common brace wearers. There exists no age limit for this corrective treatment. Pay no attention to stereotypes.

Braces can be used to align teeth in any person, provided the gums and teeth are healthy. The braces exert a lot of pressure on your gums. You require robust and flexible gum tissue with the ability to bounce back if you are to wear braces.

It isn’t uncommon to spot adults that have been fitted with braces. Many of them noticed the misaligned teeth when they were kids and chose not to wear them for various reasons.

Straight Teeth? Not a Must

Many people assume that wearing braces is all about straightening the teeth. Yes, it is one of the reasons why people wear them, but it isn’t the only one. They do more than just that.

That bite may also need Fixing

Apart from checking your teeth alignment, your dentist may also see if you have a healthy bite. ‘Bite is described as the action that takes place upon closing and opening of the two rows of your teeth. The rows ought to meet as you do this instead of exhibiting excessive abrasion or grinding.

Along the point where the rows meet, there shouldn’t be any big gaps. Checking the bite ensures the correct functioning of your mouth. Bite issues, if not treated, can lead to chewing and speech problems and also headaches related to TMJ.

There may be a lisp

It is not uncommon to have minor lisps when you wear braces. Attaching metal brackets to your teeth has a significant impact on your speech. This shouldn’t cause any alarm, as you will soon get accustomed.

Bring your lip balm

You might want to carry your lip balm to ease the discomfort during the procedure. When the orthodontist first fits the braces in your mouth, it may be a bit uncomfortable. The process can go up to one hour, and because of it, your lips will need moistening from time to time.

Flossing difficulties

Rest assured that you will experience challenges in flossing. Braces make flossing (an already strenuous activity) nearly impossible. This, in no way, changes the fact that your dental hygiene is crucial. The following items will prove helpful:

  • Flossing threaders: Aid in pulling regular floss via the gap.
  • Water flosser: Displaces food particles from leftovers by using a narrow water stream.

Tight can hurt

Tightening your braces can cause pain, but it fades away after a few days. The experience will differ for each person, but it is good to be aware of this. If the pain persists, seek medical advice.

The Orthodontist

An orthodontist has received specialized training in jawbone function and dental movement. They know what your regular dentist does, but they are specialized in teeth movement in your mouth. Because of this, they are the best choice for the prescription, fitting, and even monitoring of dental braces.

Our skilled team of orthodontists in Phoenix, Arizona, offers a uSmile Orthodontics program in order to provide high-quality services during each of your visits. The good news is that you can get teeth braces for adults too. Call us today and book an appointment.